Sooner or later, most Club members become curious about racing and may be tempted to give it a try. There are several different disciplines of bike racing; one or more types of racing may suit your particular physical and mental strengths. The easiest introduction to racing is to try a Club 10 miles time trial. The Club has a long history of time trial racing and we run several Club time trials in the main racing season, which is March to October.

Read our racing guide below to learn about the different types of cycle racing available. We also have an in depth guide to Time Trialing since this is a popular way to start racing. With the handicap system you can compete against anyone and still have a good chance of winning a trophy! Also included is this year's racing calendar of events organised by Withington Wheelers and a complete guide to our trophies that any club member can try to win.

Start Racing

2022 Racing Calendar

2022 SPOCO Events

Beginners Guide to Time trials

Information about our club trophies