2020 SPOCO Events

The Marian Stern SPOCO Trophy. Awarded annually to the member achieving the best results in any 6 of 9 named events. The events to be named at the AGM for the following year. Fastest Withington Wheeler in each event gets 6 points, second fastest 5 points, etc., sixth, seventh etc get one point, any rider starting but not finishing (ie DNF) gets one point. In the event of a draw at the end of the season, the rider having ridden the most SPOCO events is adjudged the winner.

M&DTTA 10 Saturdays 7th, 14th or 21st March (your best ride in any of these 3 events counts)

Inter Club 10 Sunday 26th April (10am start)

WW Club 10 (Chelford) (Number 1) Thursday 14th May (7pm start)

WW Club 10 (Chelford) (Number 2) Thursday 11th June (7pm start)

M&DTTA 50 Saturday 20th June (2pm start)

Seamons CC 25 Saturday 18th July (2pm start)

Buxton CC Sunday 6th September (10am start)

Stretford Wheelers 25 Saturday 19th September (2pm start)

(the Stretford Wheelers 25 is also the WW Club H’cap 25 – Jenkinson trophy)

WW Club Hill Climb Sunday 4th October (11am start)

Rob Kirk has now won the trophy for three consecutive years. Will anyone challenge him in 2020?