2019 SPOCO Events

The Marian Stern SPOCO Trophy. Awarded annually to the member achieving the best results in any 6 of 9 named events. The events to be named at the AGM for the following year. Fastest Withington Wheeler in each event gets 6 points, second fastest 5 points, etc., sixth, seventh etc get one point, any rider starting but not finishing (ie DNF) gets one point. In the event of a draw at the end of the season, the rider having ridden the most SPOCO events is adjudged the winner.

M&DTTA 10 Saturdays 9, 16 or 23 March (your best ride in any of these 3 events counts)

East Lancs RC 10 Saturday 27 April (2pm start)

Inter Club 10 Sunday 28 April (10am start)

WW Club 10 (Chelford) (Number 1) Thursday 6 June (7pm start)

WW Club 10 (Chelford) (Number 2) Thursday 4 July (7pm start)

Seamons CC 25 Saturday 27 July (2pm start)

(the Seamons CC 25 is also the WW Club H’cap 25 – Jenkinson trophy)

M&DTTA 50 Saturday 3 August (2pm start)

Stretford Wheelers 25 Saturday 21 September (2pm start)

WW Club Hill Climb Sunday 6 October (11am start) (date to be confirmed)